Hello and welcome to my photography website.
I first became interested in photography when I was living in London back in 2001 in the days of film.
As a keen amateur I particularly loved street photography and loved venturing out for hours locating interesting things to take pictures of.

On a weekend trip to Ireland in 2002 I happened upon a protest in Dublin which began in good spirits, but unfortunately progressed into ugliness when protesters and Guardia Civil clashed. Many people were arrested and amongst the chaos I managed to get some shots of the confrontation. I contacted the Irish Guardian who used one of my images on the front page the next morning.
I subsequently applied to work on a cruise ship and spent the next 12 months sailing around the Mediteraenean and North Africa, taking photos of passengers and the wonderful scenic sights. On my return I worked for a business magazine in Leeds flying around Europe taking photos for articles (not as glamorous as it sounds). In 2005 I set up officially on my own in Manchester photographing for many big name clients including Tesco, Man Utd, Staples and SAAB.

I now live in Buxton, Derbyshire and have 2 wonderful children aged 4 and 7. If you have any questions or ideas you need some help with then please get in touch and we can chat and see if we can work together. email: arlen@arlenphotography.com mob:07498351781