PR Photography

PR Photography, in a nutshell, is being able to tell your story to the public. It is a way that can visually convey a message about you and the actions of your company, that would take hundreds of words to explain. A good PR or editorial photographer also has the power to emotionally engage and accurately paint a picture in the viewers mind as to what it is you are doing. As a part of a good marketing strategy, it is vital that you have good images that can then be sent out to press and industry media, as well as online. I pride myself in having over 15 years experience in PR and Press photography. I have worked for local and National newspapers including The Mirror and The Guardian, covering many different events. My photographs that have appeared in all different forms of media including print and online.

I have built up quite an extensive client list and one of the biggest of those is Tesco. I carried out the PR photography campaign nationwide for their ‘Click and Collect’ service in 2016, travelling all over the country from Manchester to Wales, Sheffield and Birmingham. More recently I was commissioned by a German Rally company as their clients travelled through the beautiful Peak District and my home town of Buxton.

Living in Buxton, Derbyshire gives me fantastic access to many areas as it’s right on the border of Cheshire and Staffordshire so I can easily get to many of the local towns and cities including Sheffield, Macclesfield, Manchester and Stoke.

One of my most recent clients, Redrow Homes, is undertaking a massive house building operation in Woodford, Cheshire and are donating huge amounts to local community projects. I am responsible for getting strong PR and Editorial photographs of these stories and these have successfully appeared in local newspapers and online. This is a great example of how PR photography works, it’s advertising, although it’s more subtle than that. The story and the photographs sell the company image, and that’s what I can do to help you.